SOCIALLY UNBALANCED EUROPE. Socio-Political Proposals in Times of Crisis

Edited by Klaus Busch, Manfred Flore, Heribert Kohl and Heiko Schlatermund

Socially Unbalanced Europe

Merlin Press Ltd., 2011.

332 S., ISBN: 978-0-85036-675-4


European trade unionists and academics seek responses to the socio-political consequences of crisis.

The current financial and economic crisis creates serious problems for the member states of the European Union. The effects of the crisis can be seen in rising unemployment, falling wages and drastic cuts made by national governments.

The picture is the same in virtually all countries: the poorest members of society are hit hardest, while those who caused the crisis are spared!

The Integration, Security, Innovation (INSITO) project was launched to seek European answers to socio-political issues surrounding the current crisis. Trade unionists and academics from various European countries joined forces to draw up concepts regarding the subjects of:
old-age provision and active ageing,
improving working conditions in Central and Eastern European countries and
strategies to enhance the quality of work in Europe.

The contributors to this book summarise findings of their symposia and put forward European proposals for socially balanced policies in times of crisis

Contributors: Prof. Klaus Busch, Manfred Flore, Prof. Frerich Frerichs, Bjorn Hacker, Prof. Ernst Kistler, Dr. Heribert Kohl, Dr. Frank Mussmann, Metka Roksandic, Heiko Schlatermund, and others.